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EU cookie tracking law is impotent

9 June 2013 2 comments

So in Europe (I mean the EU but it’s a clumsier phrase) we have a cookie law, and web sites must ask your permission to store data about your web visit using things called cookies. Those in Europe accessing European web sites may have seen little panels at the bottom of the site “by using our site you consent to our use of cookies… click here to dismiss”

Yet there are also tracking services that we seem to be unable to opt out of.

I installed a browser plugin called Ghostery on Firefox and Opera (the only two browsers I really use). It tells me how many tracking web sites are embedded in a page and lets me block them. It can detect thousands of different trackers.

Facebook only has one tracker, the Football Association has two, Heart FM has four, and the Mail Online (I only went to check their count!) has nine. This blog, I’m ashamed to say, has three, but I don’t host it myself, it’s the price I pay for a low-maintenance blog. Except it’s you that’s paying the price D:.

This is just a law designed to protect us failing, and inconveniencing us instead. I’m sure the intention of the law was to save privacy of citizens, but it turned into saving the privacy of citizens only if cookies were used to track them. Law can’t keep up with technology at the moment.

Get Ghostery for five popular browsers here.

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